Diamond Equity Research Initiates Coverage on Genius Group Limited (NYSE: GNS)


NEW YORK, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diamond Equity Research, a leading equity research firm with a focus on small capitalization public companies has initiated coverage of Genius Group Limited (NYSE: GNS). The in-depth 21-page initiation report includes detailed information on the Genius Group’s business model, services, industry, valuation, management, and risks.

The full research report is available here. Highlights from the report include:

  • Solid Foundation for Growth - The Genius Group management has laid a solid foundation targeting steady growth. The company has acquired 2.6 million students as of December 31, 2021, while generating $9.67 million in education revenue during 2021. GeniusU’s EdTech platform is its unique selling proposition that utilizes the latest technology that provides a set of data throughout each student’s learning journey. The company is in the process of developing an AI virtual assistant that is expected to provide each student with a personalized learning path at every stage of their education. Additionally, GeniusU plans to extend its courses and programs to interactive learning environments in the metaverse. The education technology platform is expected to be leveraged to enhance the educational experience and quality across its IPO acquisition companies, thus attracting new students and partners.

  • Capitalizing on Inorganic Expansion - The recent IPO acquisition allows Genius Group to develop and market a lifelong Genius curriculum catering to individuals of all age groups. The company has been utilizing both organic and inorganic means resulting in rapid growth in its top line. The acquisition of four companies post its IPO is expected to create synergistic value through resource integration and digitization, increasing the average spend per student while attracting new students and partners. The company expects to engage in more acquisitions in the future, expanding its geographical footprint.

  • Large Total Addressable Market (TAM) - Developing a niche within the entrepreneur movement, the company is set to target the growing global education market, which is set to be a $10 trillion industry by 2030. Company-funded education, self-funded entrepreneur education, licensed certifications, and global and digital schooling are a few of the fastest-growing segments within the education industry. Genius Group’s unique position allows it the ability to cater to each age group while maintaining its niche within the entrepreneur education market. This blended approach would allow the company to capitalize on the fastest-growing trends, while adapting to the changing education market.

  • Experienced Management Team - The company is managed by a team of experienced and competent professionals with diverse backgrounds. Roger James Hamilton is the founder and has been leading the company since 2015. His previous experience of founding Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics formed the base for GeniusU’s personalized and entrepreneurial learning methodology. Mr. Suraj Naik serves as the company’s chief technology officer and led the launch of GeniusU. The group is led by a Board of Directors who have the requisite expertise and a deep understanding of the knowledge industry.

  • Valuation - We have valued Genius Group Limited using DCF as our preferred methodology. We have used a discount rate of 12.9% and a terminal growth rate of 1.5% yielding a value of $242.77 million or $11.28 per share contingent on successful execution by the company. We view Genius Group Limited as a unique high-risk high-reward investment for institutional and high-risk tolerant retail investors.

About Genius Group Limited

Genius Group (NYSE: GNS) is a Singapore-based EdTech and education company engaged in providing educational services in over 200 countries. It aims to develop an alternative lifelong learning curriculum and make its educational products accessible worldwide to all age groups.

For more information, visit https://www.geniusgroup.net

About Diamond Equity Research

Diamond Equity Research is a leading equity research and corporate access firm focused on small capitalization companies. Diamond Equity Research is an approved sell-side provider on major institutional investor platforms.

For more information, visit https://www.diamondequityresearch.com.


Diamond Equity Research LLC is being compensated by Genius Group Limited for producing research materials regarding Genius Group Ltd., and its securities, which is meant to subsidize the high cost of creating the report and monitoring the security, however, the views in the report reflect that of Diamond Equity Research. Diamond Equity Research LLC is being compensated by Genius Group Limited for producing research materials regarding Genius Group Limited, and its securities, which is meant to subsidize the high cost of creating the report and monitoring the security, however, the views in the report reflect that of Diamond Equity Research. All payments are received upfront and are billed for an annual or semi-annual research engagement. As of 05/16/2022, the issuer had paid us $27,000 for our services, which commenced 04/16/2022 and is billed annually. Diamond Equity Research LLC may be compensated for non-research related services, including presenting at Diamond Equity Research investment conferences, press releases and other additional services. The non-research related service cost is dependent on the company, but usually do not exceed $5,000. The issuer has not paid us for non-research related services as of 05/16/2022. Issuers are not required to engage us for these additional services. Additional fees may have accrued since then. Although Diamond Equity Research company sponsored reports are based on publicly available information and although no investment recommendations are made within our company sponsored research reports, given the small capitalization nature of the companies we cover we have adopted an internal trading procedure around the public companies by whom we are engaged, with investors able to find such policy on our website public disclosures page. Statements within this report may constitute forward-looking statements, these statements involve many risk factors and general uncertainties around the business, industry, and macroeconomic environment. Investors need to be aware of the high degree of risk in small capitalization equities including the complete loss of their investment. Investors can find various risk factors in the initiation report and in the respective financial filings for Genius Group Limited.


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