Username3 is building a new decentralized Linktree for Web3

2022年10月05日10:55 today announced the release of their new platform which allows users to generate their own decentralized link tree for their social media profiles.

New York, NY, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- today announced the release of their new platform which allows users to generate their own decentralized link tree for their social media profiles. The platform will be going live on October 16th, 2022.

Social media platforms currently allow users to add only one link in their Bio and creators on Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and other platforms have often complained of this limitation.

That limitation brought players like Linktree and Allmylinks to the market who have created a system to store a list of their links under one single link.

Username3 is building a new decentralized Linktree for Web3

This solution has fixed a common problem, since a user can now have their own landing page where they can drive clicks and add a list of buttons below. Those buttons can redirect visitors to a range of pages, including websites, referral links or other social media accounts. Users can also be redirected to additional links like YouTube videos or newspaper articles that the owner has provided.

Mark Miller the CEO of username3 quoted “regardless of who you are and what you do, most likely, you have more interesting links that you would like to share with your audience.”

“Username3 works in the same way but there is a big difference! Our product is integrated on the Blockchain”

“Since you OWN your link, every time someone clicks on it and mints (buys) his/her own username3, you'll get paid 20% instantly on your Solana Wallet as a reward.”

Users can see from the link here how much can potentially be earned:

How Username3 is building a new decentralized Linktree

What has accomplished is to build a perfectly working Web3 “Linktree”. The platform allows users to create their link in their BIO as a decentralized asset on the Solana blockchain.

Each page built is in fact an NFT (non-fungible token) and it’s 100% owned by its owner on the blockchain.

Mark Miller goes on to say: “Let’s say your name is “Justin” and you want to reserve that username (exactly as you’d do with a domain name, handle on a social media or a username in a video game).

“You go to and you search for it. If no other user has “minted” it on the blockchain prior to you, you can mint yours. The username itself is an NFT. In other words, you can transfer or sell it to others with a click in the future.”



Since the blockchain used by Username3 is Solana, users would need to download the Phantom Wallet from either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Once downloaded, users can create a wallet in a few clicks and upload some Solana coins. If the user does not have Solana in their possession, they can use the Phantom app on a smartphone to buy Solana with either a credit card or Apple/Google Pay using Moonpay which is already integrated into the Moonpay wallet.

The following link provides more details about these steps:

The Phantom wallet built-in browser allows a user to search for their desired Username3 and mint it.

Once minted they will become the owner of that NFT and its landing page.

In a couple of clicks the user can edit their page, adding or removing links, add a profile image, a video and insert a Bio.

The user can then copy their new link and paste it inside their Instagram, Tik Tok, or any other social media platform that they use.

Every time someone visits their social media profile, they can click on a Link in the Bio by Username3 and bring up the links to multiple platforms.

User Own 100% of their Digital Presence. Making the most out of A "Link in Bio"

Mark Miller went on to explain: “While the final mission of username3 is to give users a unique experience across all Web3 dApps in existence, the strategy is to first move people from the old Web2 Linktree-like solutions to the innovative and decentralized blockchain alternative.

“Username3 doesn’t want to change the way social networks influence people’s lives by substituting them, but instead aims to give ownership of a piece of their social network experience to the users.”

“Influencers and creators from all over the world are joining Username3 because of the innovation it brings to the ecosystem and because of the main concept that you should own your assets.”

“Unlike most Web3 platforms that say users should own their assets, but retain all the profits for themselves, Username3 has developed an innovative referral program that pays you up to 10 levels of influence.”

“This allows your new “link in bio” to generate passive income for their owners and to give real ownership and royalties to Web3 enthusiasts and social media users.”

“Remember, each Username3 is an NFT on the Solana blockchain, and as such you’ll be able to transfer or sell it anytime.”

Username3 are currently onboarding industry experts and influencers to review the product. Please contact Mark Miller below if you would like to participate"


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