EarlyBirds Poised to Help Organizations That Want to Use a Digital Twin to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Urban Areas


Forde, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EarlyBirds.io has created an open innovation ecosystem platform with services that works very well when it comes to matching early adopter companies with innovators and subject matter experts. It’s a platform that EarlyBirds co-founder and CEO, Kris Poria, stated works great across a variety of industries. The latest of which he says is for businesses that are looking to create digital twins to help reduce carbon emissions in urban areas. The problem the company’s co-founder says is that many businesses do not have the capacity in-house to do this. That’s where the EarlyBirds platform can play an important role. He pointed out that it’s a platform that can match up early adopter companies with subject matter experts and innovators that have cutting-edge ideas related to digital twins and their important role in carbon emission reduction.

EarlyBirds other co-founder and COO Jeff Penrose says, “One of the things I like best about being a part of EarlyBirds is that it’s the type of job where we are always learning about new ideas and concepts. The idea of using digital twin buildings and complexes to mimic real-world environments is one of the most intriguing concepts that I have come across in my time here at EarlyBirds. I can definitely see how our platform can help when it comes to getting early adopter companies matched up with digital twin innovators and consultants.”

Penrose went on to say that digital twins are part of what is called the metaverse. The metaverse can best be described as a digital world that mimics the physical world and lives alongside it and allows for interaction between the two. Digital twins are expected to be a key foundation in the metaverse because they will be able to help predict outcomes much quicker and in a much less costly way than by applying the same conditions in real-world scenarios. He said this is important because early adopter businesses (https://earlybirds.io/en/early_adopter) with digital twins can therefore determine solutions much faster that can help with decarbonization as businesses in highly urbanized areas look to meet net-zero goals. The company co-founder talked more about why this is important by pointing out several facts. It starts with cities worldwide accounting for 70% of global carbon emissions and 66.7% of world energy consumption. In essence contributing to their own demise because with global warming such US cities as New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego may become partially or almost wholly submerged by 2050. It may even be worse in some cities places as Northern Jakarta is expected to be 95% underwater as are as many as 57 million Chinese that live in coastal cities. Penrose says another big player is urban construction which contributes to some 38% of all energy-related CO2 emissions. Fortunately, much of this can be prevented using digital twin solutions but only if Early Adopter businesses get properly paired up with innovators and subject matter experts in the digital twin realm.

EarlyBirds’ co-founder went on to clarify the role his company’s award-winning platform can play in slowing down global warming along with reducing carbon emissions. First and foremost, it will do this by assisting those planning and delivering outcomes to achieve net zero targets by allowing them to create an innovation map. These maps can be created by early adopter businesses for a particular sector, such as energy use in construction, building, transportation, agriculture, industry, and waste industries, or by select technologies such as renewables, smart grids, carbon capture, and other energy solutions. Penrose also mentioned how EarlyBirds’ innovation maps are flexible and constantly changing. He says, “Our EarlyBirds Innovation maps are dynamic and update regularly and grow as new technologies enter the sector. They have numerous use cases that include capability insights, specific research, identifying partners, testing, trials, and much more.”

Early adopter companies are not the only ones that can initiate a search or create an innovation map on the EarlyBirds platform either. Penrose says that’s because both innovators and subject matter experts can take the lead in bringing these 3 important pieces together to form a mutually beneficial working relationship. He stated that their website better defines and further explains what innovation maps are, early adopter businesses, innovators (https://earlybirds.io/en/innovator), and the role subject matter experts/consultants are expected to play in the EarlyBirds platform.


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